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Glum by Oxy Z


Glum by Oxy Z

Location: Fitz Roy Argentina

Oxy Z: Photos · Blog 


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Sunshine-cloud by Jaewoon u


Sunshine-cloud by Jaewoon u


Jaewoon u: Photos · Blog 


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Akdamar Island by Coolbiere. A.


Akdamar Island by Coolbiere. A.


Coolbiere. A.: Photos · Blog 


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Downpour by Marsel van Oosten


Downpour by Marsel van Oosten

Every year I lead an intensive workshop in Spain for beginning and intermediate wildlife photographers: Wildlife Photography Boot Camp Our location is the largest zoological park in the world, and with over 100 different species from the five continents, this is the perfect place to learn all the basics of wildlife photography. The animals live in semi-wild conditions in the most stunning scenery. Getting a good shot of a lynx in the wild is close to impossible (they’re endangered), but on this workshop anyone can get shots like this. Most photographers are happy when the sun is out, but I always say bad weather is good weather. Rain, snow, storms – they all add drama to your shots. And it’s more quiet, because most people will be staying inside. This image was shot with a relatively long shutterspeed to get longer rain drops. If you’re a beginner or intermediate photographer and would like to learn more about wildlife photography and composition, and have a great time with a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, then join us on our next Wildlife Photography Boot Camp in Spain. Please have a look on my website for more information, pictures and tour impression video clips: Squiver Photo Tours & Workshops Hope to see you there! Marsel ©2013 Marsel van Oosten, All Rights Reserved. This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.

Marsel van Oosten: Photos · Blog 


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C’è chi sale e c’è chi scende by Clickalps .com


C’è chi sale e c’è chi scende by Clickalps .com

© Massimo Tamajo 2nd place in the ClickAlps weekly photo contest @ Clickalps FB group Week #14 (01apr-07apr) You’re welcome to join us!

Clickalps .com: Photos · Blog 


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Bread and wine by Hugo (Hughes) Bussen


Bread and wine by Hugo (Hughes) Bussen

This picture is also for sale at my website hugo-bussen.artistwebsites.com

Hugo (Hughes) Bussen: Photos · Blog 


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wondering by Syahrul Ramadan


wondering by Syahrul Ramadan


Syahrul Ramadan: Photos · Blog 


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Small Copper by Jaek Song


Small Copper by Jaek Song

Small Copper Butterfly

Jaek Song: Photos · Blog 


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Passage of Time by Jimmy –


Passage of Time by Jimmy –

Another snapshot from a recent wander down below Leura Cascades- Blue Mountains (West of Sydney Australia).

Jimmy -: Photos · Blog 


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{ BOSTON April 15 } by CERO .


{ BOSTON April 15 } by CERO .

Sorry but I do not understand humans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsZEv7kAllo

CERO .: Photos · Blog 


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—– by ömer yücel


—– by ömer yücel


ömer yücel: Photos · Blog 


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Untitled by Sherman C.


Untitled by Sherman C.


Sherman C.: Photos · Blog 


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asir – abha by Majed altihani


asir – abha by Majed altihani

asir – abha

Majed altihani: Photos · Blog 


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Oneonta Gorge by jared ropelato


Oneonta Gorge by jared ropelato

http://www.ropelatophotography.netNo weeping walls for me, but I still have to say that I LOVE this place. This had to have been my most favorite spot on my 2000+ mile Oregon adventure. Can’t wait to head back up here after a good rain and give it another go. Cheers. Jared Ropelatowww.facebook.com/RopelatoPhotography

jared ropelato: Photos · Blog


Nadya by Sean Archer


Nadya by Sean Archer

One of the first images from our first photo shoot)

Sean Archer: Photos · Blog 


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Pulang Panen by 3 Joko


Pulang Panen by 3 Joko

If you like this job or any other of mine, you can see the free tutorials. For more info, please see the link below http://rumah-j.blogspot.com/

3 Joko: Photos · Blog 


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Victoria lotus by Jin-Gu Lee


Victoria lotus by Jin-Gu Lee


Jin-Gu Lee: Photos · Blog 


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♡ ✿ ツ by A-zaghamim photography


♡ ✿ ツ by A-zaghamim photography


A-zaghamim photography: Photos · Blog 


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Encore by Lin Zee


Encore by Lin Zee

Looking the opposite direction this time

Lin Zee: Photos · Blog 


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One day Time lapse by Mostafa Hamad


One day Time lapse by Mostafa Hamad

This photo was taken in one of the mountainous areas in the north of Iraq.It is a “time laps” to record all phases of the day in a single image. Photography began 4:00 p.m and continued till 3:00 a.m of the next day. During this period almost 1500 image were captured.. Here is the final one!!(published on national geographic)

Mostafa Hamad: Photos · Blog 


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Hepatica asiatica by LEE INHWAN


Hepatica asiatica by LEE INHWAN


LEE INHWAN: Photos · Blog 


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