Nadya by Sean Archer


Nadya by Sean Archer

One of the first images from our first photo shoot)

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Pulang Panen by 3 Joko


Pulang Panen by 3 Joko

If you like this job or any other of mine, you can see the free tutorials. For more info, please see the link below

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Victoria lotus by Jin-Gu Lee


Victoria lotus by Jin-Gu Lee


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♡ ✿ ツ by A-zaghamim photography


♡ ✿ ツ by A-zaghamim photography


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Encore by Lin Zee


Encore by Lin Zee

Looking the opposite direction this time

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One day Time lapse by Mostafa Hamad


One day Time lapse by Mostafa Hamad

This photo was taken in one of the mountainous areas in the north of Iraq.It is a “time laps” to record all phases of the day in a single image. Photography began 4:00 p.m and continued till 3:00 a.m of the next day. During this period almost 1500 image were captured.. Here is the final one!!(published on national geographic)

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Hepatica asiatica by LEE INHWAN


Hepatica asiatica by LEE INHWAN


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