Lily by Mirza Buljusmic


Lily by Mirza Buljusmic

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Autumn in Rio… by MAMEDE HARFOUCHE


Autumn in Rio… by MAMEDE HARFOUCHE

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A silly thing by Emilio Cabida


A silly thing by Emilio Cabida

mientras me olvido del cariño de los dislikers: una parida mental usada como semilla la foto “bugs meeting” ¿Cómo está hecho? Fondo: Imágen modificada con el filtro desenfoque radial -> zoom minimundo: imágen modificada con el filtro distorsionar->coordenadas polares. while I forget the affection of dislikers: A silly thing photo used as seed “bugs meeting” How is it done? Background: modified image with the filter radial blur -> zoom miniworld: modified image with the filter distort-> polar coordinates.

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Express No Evil! by Ashley Vincent


Express No Evil! by Ashley Vincent

Many thanks for your expressions of appreciation on “This IS My Good Smile”, for which I’m very grateful! During my trip to the UK last month, while my main focus for photography was on felines, I was more than happy spending time with a number of primate species, some of whom I’d only ever seen pictures of before. This first one I’m sharing with you today is a Lion-Tailed Macaque (aka Wanderoo), a male I believe, one of a large troop at Howletts Wildlife Park in Kent. Although they seem to be doing well in captivity, Lion-Tailed Macaque are listed as Endangered (EN) in their natural habitat of the Western Ghats of Southern India. Primate-lover in general though I may be, I have to admit that macaques (as well as baboons and chimpanzees) are far from my favourites, as they appear to be the most naturally aggressive and all too often display negative characteristics that, for me, disturbingly mirror some of the worst traits of mankind. Character flaws aside, I do love the look of these Lion-Tailed Macaques and, as with most primates, they also seem to offer up engaging expressions, so they’re not all bad I guess! In case anyone is wondering, the title for this picture sprung to mind due to the situation of the hands; made me immediately think of the three monkeys of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”, this could be the lost fourth monkey ;^) Thanks for your time and hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic week :^) Website | Fine Art America | Facebook

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Biógrafo de Barbosa vai gerir fundo milionário do Judiciário

: Wellington Geraldo Silva foi nomeado conselheiro e presidente do conselho deliberativo do fundo de previdência dos servidores do Judiciário – Funpresp-Jud 
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Best moment by Iván Maigua


Best moment by Iván Maigua


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little leaf by Mark Bridger


little leaf by Mark Bridger


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Linde in der Sonne by Leo Pöcksteiner


Linde in der Sonne by Leo Pöcksteiner

Eine alte Linde im Sonnenuntergang auf einer Anhöhe zwischen Grein und Saxen ( Österreich ) . Mit grau verlauf Filter . Bearbeitet mit Lightroom 4 , Photoshop CS5

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Yi Peng Festival by benjarong pannoi


Yi Peng Festival by benjarong pannoi

@ Chiang Mai Thailand

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Water lilly by Badaru Din


Water lilly by Badaru Din

Water lilly

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Lighted House by JM Donaire


Lighted House by JM Donaire

Naidi Lighthouse under the milky way. © All rights reserved ©

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Eike Batista vence licitação para explorar vans no Rio de Janeiro


RIOX – Após proibir a circulação de vans na Zona Sul, o prefeito Eduardo Paes abriu uma licitação para controlar o tráfego carioca. “A prefeitura gastou R$ 34 milhões para reequipar todos os veículos com ar condicionado, instalar bancos de couro e painéis de LED para entreter os passageiros. Ficaremos responsáveis também por problemas mecânicos”, assegurou o prefeito. Em seguida, informou que as empresas interessadas terão que desembolsar pelo menos R$ 15 por ano. “Os investimentos têm que retornar aos cofres públicos. Aceitamos vale-transporte”, reiterou o prefeito.