Waiting for hope by Mostafa Hamad


Waiting for hope by Mostafa Hamad

This picture may be amazing for some people and may be the opposite for another but the subject of the picture remains the most important: to reinforce it: a child covered with the Iraqi flag in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a snapshot does not mean more than wait and hope for an Iraqi immigrant in the West, even for another people not inmigrants , may be one day they sat at this place meeting contemplating the past in the present.

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. by Silena Lambertini


. by Silena Lambertini

Siediti qui e dalle un bacio….. Solo un gioco 🙂

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Swallowtail by Fabio Giarrizzo


Swallowtail by Fabio Giarrizzo

A portrait of an european swallowtail (Papilio machaon), taken last week on early morning- thanks for looking, Fabio

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Exterior Color by Alfon No


Exterior Color by Alfon No


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Impression Liu San Jie (印象刘三姐), Yangshuo by Woosra Kim


Impression Liu San Jie (印象刘三姐), Yangshuo by Woosra Kim

Located in Southern China’s Guanxi Province (广西省), Yangshuo is a beautiful town that attracts millions of tourists every year.Despite this huge tourism boom, Yangshuo remains a picturesque place, with amazing scenery provided by the Li River and limestone mountains.Every night, an incredible performance of song and lights takes place on the river, called Liu San Jie, in the world’s largest outdoor theater.

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Lighting the pass by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim


Lighting the pass by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

Arthur’s PassNew ZealandAn image of Arthur’s Pass township by night taken on a clear evening. Due to the orientation of the milky way, I tried to find a location just out of town looking in that aspect – The panorama was taken from the devil’s punchbowl falls track

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SPRING by Mirna Vidić


SPRING by Mirna Vidić


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Ghost rider by juandevillalba (JDV)


Ghost rider by juandevillalba (JDV)


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Heaven On Earth. by FaceChoo Yong


Heaven On Earth. by FaceChoo Yong

At Nagarkot, Nepal.

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Central Sun Photosynthesis by Josep Sumalla i Jordana


Central Sun Photosynthesis by Josep Sumalla i Jordana

☀ Arrival of the irradiation from the Central Sun of the Galaxy to the Earth ☀

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Sleepless in Seoul by Almer Frades


Sleepless in Seoul by Almer Frades

The concrete jungle of Seoul as far as the eye can see never stops with jagged mountain ridges surrounding the metropolis. What lies beneath is a massive subterranean superhighway that is incredibly organized that you don’t need to go up at ground zero in order to navigate to any point in the greater metropolitan area where 20 million people reside and work. It is believed that, at any peak hour, there are over a million very disciplined, very polite Koreans navigating the metro Seoul subway system. I made my daily commute of less than an hour from home to our office tower right down there. And while on my way, I can search the world wide web faster than the speeding subway train in the metro, with the wifi readily available. Seoul is unlike any other place, the people, the food, the information superhighway and the subterranean world is very much intertwined with each other. Welcome world to my home away from home – Seoul. Much thanks for the likes!

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Untitled by Kent Atwell


Untitled by Kent Atwell


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Super Girl by Amanda Diaz


Super Girl by Amanda Diaz


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