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The Rainbow of Istanbul by Mostafa Hamad


The Rainbow of Istanbul by Mostafa Hamad

While We were crossing the sky, I captured this rainbow above the city of Istanbul! Just a moment of good luck!(published on national geographic)

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Obstacles by Giuseppe Peppoloni


Obstacles by Giuseppe Peppoloni

Equitazione – Salto ostacoli

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Strange World by Dragan Djuric


Strange World by Dragan Djuric

Plitvicka Jezera, Croatia.

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Seventies Mercedes by Jeremey K


Seventies Mercedes by Jeremey K

A 1970’s Mercedes sedan.

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This is Australia by Paul Emmings


This is Australia by Paul Emmings

Ayres Rock please mind the roo’s. This was around 07.30 , the sun is just behind the rock , and we are about to walk right around it . You have to start the walk prior to 11.00 hrs . The walk is closed after that due to the heat. 3 hour walk with fly net on your head.

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Selinunte Italy by Russo Francesco


Selinunte Italy by Russo Francesco


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AgriColor by Lorenzo ROSIGNOLI


AgriColor by Lorenzo ROSIGNOLI

foto effettuata utilizzando solo il polarizzatore ottico ed un filtro grigio NDG; la bellezza delle colline della Val d’Asso, una valletta contigua alla Val d’Orcia, immersa in una luce fantastica, un cielo spettacolare, e con un’agricoltura tanto intensiva quanto armonica …. (colza!) difficile vedere qualcosa di + bello …. almeno in quel giorno …. ***************** photo tooked using only the optical polarizer and a NDG grey filter; the beauty of the hills of the Val d’Asso, a little area adjacent to the Val d’Orcia, immersed in a fantastic light, a spectacular sky, and intensive agriculture such as harmonic …. (rape) hard to see something + beautiful …. at least on that day ….

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quietness by mauro maione


quietness by mauro maione


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