Grein am Morgen by Leo Pöcksteiner


Grein am Morgen by Leo Pöcksteiner

Am frühen Morgen Spiegelten sich die Lichter von Grein ( Österreich ) in der Donau . Diese Spiegelung ist natürlich nicht mit Photoshop erstellt .

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The Old Bridge by Mostafa Hamad


The Old Bridge by Mostafa Hamad

After a long absence from black-and-white photography because of the difficulty of this type of photography and its impact on myself, now I go back to the most beautiful category of photography in my opinion threw this snapshot of London Tower Bridge.(published on national geographic)

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Sunflower field by Tamás Kiss


Sunflower field by Tamás Kiss

Sunflower field

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Together by Silvia S.


Together by Silvia S.


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o.O by bug eye 🙂


o.O by bug eye 🙂

Spotted Eyes Hoverfly / แมลงวันดอกไม้ตาลายจุด

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Bugs Meeting by Emilio Cabida


Bugs Meeting by Emilio Cabida


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Against All Odds by Ashley Vincent


Against All Odds by Ashley Vincent

Many thanks for your expressions of appreciation on “Brink of Extinction”, very much appreciated! Aside from its impressive size – believed to have been the largest of all lion subspecies – the Barbary Lion is also somewhat distinctive due to its darker colouration, something that I was immediately drawn to and felt compelled to enhance just a little to add just a tad more dramatic appeal, well, a little more that is from its normal complexion but quiet a bit more that what appeared in the RAW file, as let’s just say the ambient light down at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent that afternoon was far from favourable from a photographer’s perspective, just ask Sue Demetriou if you don’t believe me, she was there freezing her ass off too ;^) Sadly, this magnificent animal, with its former natural habitat stretching across the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Algeria and further northeastward to Egypt, has been extinct in the wild since the early 20th century. It is estimated that there are around 140 Barbary Lions in captivity, however, further reading suggests that few of those are direct descendants of the Barbary Lion sub-specie, as many have been breed with others from the African continent, though there are efforts at selective breeding that may shed a glimmer of hope. Thanks as always for your time and interest, and wishing you a great one ahead! Website | Fine Art America | Facebook

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Nadya by Sean Archer


Nadya by Sean Archer


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From Above by Karim Nafatni (GostRidr®)


From Above by Karim Nafatni (GostRidr®)


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Stormy Sunrise by Jason Crowell Photographics


Stormy Sunrise by Jason Crowell Photographics

High tide at Cathedral Rocks, NSW Australia. To arrive at a location with heavy surf at high tide is more than a thrill in itself in the dark. But the dawn of a new day shed light on an amazing location!

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New Day by Clickalps .com


New Day by Clickalps .com

© Alberto Paolucci 3rd place in the ClickAlps weekly photo contest @ Clickalps FB group Week #13 (25mar-31mar) You’re welcome to join us!

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Rocks and sea by MIYAMOTO Y


Rocks and sea by MIYAMOTO Y

This place is “Tojinbo” in Fukui pref. Japan. (taken at 5:27 PM)

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Backlit Bambi by Simon Roy


Backlit Bambi by Simon Roy


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Sand curves by KHALID ALSABT


Sand curves by KHALID ALSABT


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Sớm SAPA by Quoc Loc


Sớm SAPA by Quoc Loc


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Tiny jewels by Daniele Mion


Tiny jewels by Daniele Mion


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Intensity by Tracy Parker


Intensity by Tracy Parker

This is my daughter Destiny and we decided to play around with some paint this weekend. She is an artist and loves to draw, so when I asked her to do this shoot with my good friend Amanda, she jumped right in. When we were taking some head shots, she gave me this intense stare and I loved it. It really shows off her amazing eyes. Well eye really. I have some more of these coming, but I hope you all enjoy this one first. Thank you.

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Light of Buddha by Jaewoon u


Light of Buddha by Jaewoon u


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The other side of someday by Nagesh Mahadev


The other side of someday by Nagesh Mahadev

Sakrisøy is lilliput among the fishing villages of the Lofoten Islands with a lot of character.K Dubs aka Kristina Wilson shared the title and i was totally drawn to it. The calm waters, reflection, idyllic setting… just mesmerizing!

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Venetian Lobby by Marc Perrella


Venetian Lobby by Marc Perrella

Severely jetlagged…couldn’t sleep. Decided to grab my camera and head to the lobby……and what a majestic lobby it is. This is a single shot with some dodging, burning and sharpness added in Lightroom.

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Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz by Salah Baazizi


Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz by Salah Baazizi

Bee collecting pollen

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Seattle Sunset Long Exposure and HDR by Conor Musgrave


Seattle Sunset Long Exposure and HDR by Conor Musgrave

A quick HDR I took the other night. Tried throwing a 5min long exposure too. I think the result turned out interestingly.

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“Life in Glass” mono by Rachel Cohen


“Life in Glass” mono by Rachel Cohen

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE DISLIKE BUTTON! If you don’t like this image please move on, or leave constructive criticism. The Dislike Button is not fair to anyone. Think before you act please!! “Life in Glass” mono an abstract version of life in glass!

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Sunset Seat by Paul Emmings


Sunset Seat by Paul Emmings

After yesterdays day of madness lets hope all is now settled. Wilpena Pound South Australia. Atop the hill for a 360 sunset view , in the bush and undergrowth lies this hidden seat.Flinders Ranges are in the distance.

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Rossim Valley by Pedro Miguel Lourenço Ribeiro


Rossim Valley by Pedro Miguel Lourenço Ribeiro

Rossim Valley – Gouveia (Serra da Estrela Parque Natural) – Portugal

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Wisent by Wilfried Grühn


Wisent by Wilfried Grühn


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Untitled by yogesh waikul


Untitled by yogesh waikul


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9 de Abril de 2013 12:56

Be sure to bring some light to your heart by Øyvind Vigdal


Be sure to bring some light to your heart by Øyvind Vigdal

I feel the title is enough.

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9 de Abril de 2013 12:53

Washed on to shore by Srujan Chennupati


Washed on to shore by Srujan Chennupati


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9 de Abril de 2013 11:34

Froggie by Tim Snell


Froggie by Tim Snell

An extremely poisonous Golden Rocket Frog in Kaieteur National Park, Guyana

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9 de Abril de 2013 11:21

Oil and Water by Oleg Serkiz


Oil and Water by Oleg Serkiz

This is a photograph oil drops in a glass of water.

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