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20130328-IMG_6280 by nansya
20130328-IMG_6280, a photo by nansya on Flickr. 
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Cuckmere Haven Sunset

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Cuckmere Haven Sunset by JamboEastbourne
Cuckmere Haven Sunset, a photo by JamboEastbourne on Flickr. 
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Blue Skies at the Mill

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Blue Skies at the Mill by SunnyDazzled
Blue Skies at the Mill, a photo by SunnyDazzled on Flickr. 
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Rock trio

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Rock trio by - David Olsson -
Rock trio, a photo by – David Olsson – on Flickr. 
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Sem título

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Untitled by J a n . B i s h o p.
Untitled, a photo by J a n . B i s h o p. on Flickr. 
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Seoul believes North Korea may test missile this week

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By Ben Brumfield and K.J. Kwon, CNN April 7, 2013 — Updated 2313 GMT (0713 HKT) South Korean soldiers with K-55 self-propelled Howitzers stage at a military training field in the border city of Paju on Friday, April 5, as tensions continue to mount on the Korean peninsula.South Korean soldiers with K-55 self-propelled Howitzers stage at a military training field in the border city of Paju on Friday, April 5, as tensions continue to mount on the Korean peninsula.                                             HIDE CAPTION   U.S., South Korea make military moves   << < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 > >>  



  • NEW: South Korea’s top military officer delays Washington trip
  • U.S. commander in South Korea also cancels trip to Washington this week
  • Seoul says Pyongyang is trying to make headlines as a scare tactic
  • Switzerland offers to host a meeting between North and South Korea

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) – South Korea’s government said Sunday that it believes North Korea may test a missile about April 10, citing as an indicator Pyongyang’s push for workers to leave the Kaesong Industrial Complex by then.

Seoul “is on military readiness posture,” South Korea’s Blue House spokeswoman Kim Haeng said in a briefing. She said national security chief Kim Jang-soo also based the assessment on North Korea’s hint to foreign diplomats in Pyongyang to send personnel out of the country.

The Blue House is the office and residence of South Korea’s president, similar to the White House in the United States.

“As of now, nothing out of the ordinary has been detected,” she said on Kim’s behalf. “If limited war is to break out, North Korea should bear in mind that it will receive damages many times over.”



North Korean saber-rattling



North Korea’s ‘weird’ diplomat warming



N. Korea loads missiles in launchers



Who’s running things in North Korea?

In the rising tide of its anger, North Korea’s communist government days ago banned the entry of new workers and trucks into Kaesong, which is on its side of the militarily fortified border with the south.

Personnel and supplies are running out in the shared manufacturing zone, causing 13 companies to cease production, the South Korean Ministry of Unification said in a statement Sunday.

There are 518 people left in Kaesong, with 39 planning to exit Monday.

U.S., South Korean officials put off Washington trip

Gen. James Thurman, the top U.S. commander in South Korea, is canceling a trip to Washington this week due to the rising tensions.

“Given the current situation, Gen. Thurman will remain in Seoul next week as a prudent measure,” a spokesman said.

Thurman was to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee.

Gen. Jung Seung-jo, South Korea’s top military officer, also delayed a trip to Washington, national news agency Yonhap reported.

Switzerland offers to host meeting

Switzerland offered Sunday to host a meeting between North and South Korea in hopes of calming tensions.

In a statement, the Swiss government condemned North Korea’s recent threats and called on all parties to exercise restraint.

The Swiss government “is always ready to contribute to finding a solution, if that is the desire of the parties, for example hosting meetings between them,” the statement said.

The government recently reminded North Korea of its offer, the statement said.

Opinion: An accident, then war with North Korea?

Scare tactic bluster

Pyongyang’s warpath posturing is a scare tactic, Kim said via his spokeswoman.

“North Korea has been coming out with content that makes headlines on news media every day. This is called the ‘headline strategy.’ “

It is designed to warp public opinion, he said.

Kim also said not to be fooled by the South’s calm reaction to it. “A duck will appear peaceful on the surface, but its feet are moving breathlessly under the water,” he said, describing the Blue House’s behavior.

Underneath the calm, Seoul’s government is working “restlessly” but “harmoniously.”

The South will not succumb to scare tactics and rush into any new peace agreements to stop the North’s conduct, he added. He admonished North Korea to open a different kind of dialogue.

The Korean war ended in 1953 with an armistice agreement, not a peace treaty.

Pyongyang has consistently demanded a full peace treaty, and it also wants direct talks with the United States, which Washington has resisted, preferring instead multilateral discussions.

Missile test put off

The United States is delaying a long-planned missile test to avoid any misperceptions by North Korea amid mounting tensions, a senior U.S. Department of Defense official said Saturday.

Postponing the launch of the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile, initially scheduled for Tuesday at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, was “prudent and wise,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

The missile test had nothing to do with North Korea, but the United States decided to hold off “given recent tensions on the Korean Peninsula,” the official said.

“The U.S. will conduct another test soon and remains strongly committed to our nuclear deterrence capabilities,” said the official, who was not authorized to publicly release details of the launch.

U.S. reducing rhetoric that feeds North Korean rhetoric

Embassies staying put

Word of the launch delay comes amid bellicose posturing and threats that have grown more dramatic by the day on the Korean Peninsula, including North Korea’s warning to foreign diplomats in Pyongyang that if war breaks out, it cannot guarantee their safety.

On Friday, officials met with ambassadors to ask whether they needed help evacuating their personnel, several diplomatic missions said.

The same concern apparently does not extend to foreign tourists.

Amanda Carr, who works for a British travel company, wrapped up a pleasure tour of North Korea with a group of 20 tourists Saturday. Before leaving the country, they were able to take in a rally in Pyongyang.

The British Embassy in North Korea gave her company, Koryo Tours, some guidance in light of the international tensions. “We’ve been advised to continue with the tours,” Carr said.

Her North Korean partners — from the state’s travel agency — continue to accept tourists, she said. And their demeanor is friendly, as it always has been.

Russia, a traditional ally of North Korea’s, may consider an evacuation of staff because of the tensions, Russian state media said.

The Swedish Embassy will remain open. It represents the concerns of the United States in North Korea and helps its citizens traveling there.

British, French and German diplomats also have no immediate plans to leave.

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Asia next week and is expected to discuss potential diplomatic incentives for North Korea once it stops its threatening rhetoric, senior administration officials told CNN on condition of anonymity.

“Secretary Kerry agrees that we have to have a robust deterrent because we really don’t know what these guys will do,” said one senior official, who was not authorized to speak on the issue.

“But he also knows that the North Koreans need a diplomatic off-ramp and that they have to be able to see it.”

Key dates in U.S. military moves near North Korea

Missile tension

New reports of missile movements in North Korea have triggered military counteractions by South Korea and the United States.

South Korea’s semiofficial Yonhap news agency reported that the missiles were ready to launch, citing military sources in Seoul. They are probably Musudan missiles, U.S. officials said. They would have a 2,500-mile range and could threaten South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

It is believed that a North Korean missile launch would be a “test” launch rather than a targeted strike.

A U.S. official told CNN that two medium-range missiles have been loaded onto mobile launchers on the east coast of North Korea, but a second U.S. official said intelligence on that is not definitive. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to publicly speak on the issue.

In response, South Korea has sent Aegis destroyers equipped with advanced radar systems to both of its coasts, Yonhap said, citing navy sources.

The United States will deploy missile defense systems to Guam, a Western Pacific territory that is home to U.S. naval and air bases. North Korea has cited those bases when listing possible targets for missile attacks.

North Korea: Our global fear and fascination

CNN’s Ben Brumfield reported from Atlanta; CNN’s K.J. Kwon reported from Seoul; CNN’s Josh Levs, Chris Lawrence, Barbara Starr, Kyung Lah and Jim Clancy contributed to this report.


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The most frequently highlighted passages in famous business and management books

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Reblogged from Quartz:

A welcome consequence of the digitalization of our lives and media is the creation of streams of data that weren’t previously accessible. One of those is the book passages most highlighted by users of Amazon.com’s Kindle e-reader software.

It’s magical to see the short selections of writing that most moved readers across Amazon’s vast digital catalog of fiction and non-fiction works to wield their digital highlighters.

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GAECO de Santos obteve a condenação de delegado de polícia por corrupção, falsidade ideológica e lavagem de dinheiro

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Justiça de Bertioga condena ex-seccional de Santos por corrupção e lavagem de dinheiro

Fernando R. Jorge – do SPJ

Notícias do MP – 21/10/12- atualizado às 13:32

Investigações sobre envolvimento de policial começaram após acusações  feitas por outro delegado

Após cinco anos  de tramitação, o Dr. RODRIGO DE MOURA JACOB,  Juiz de Direito de Bertioga ,  condenou,  na segunda-feira, 15,  o ex- delegado seccional de Santos, Elpídio Laércio Ferrarezi, por lavagem de dinheiro, falsidade ideológica e corrupção passiva.

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Peri Kecil Milik Tuhan

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Senyum terlukis di wajahnya
Bahagia tersirat dalam auranya
Tawa mengalir bersama langit senja

Ia tidak tahu akankah kehangatan selalu mengiringinya
Ia tidak tahu akankah suka selalu setia
Namun ia tahu bahwa Tuhan tepat dalam berencana

Tak ada peluk Ayah
Ataupun belaian Bunda
Namun ia yakin, hangatnya akan selalu terasa

Syukur terucap dalam batin
Karena kata belum sanggup melatin
Untuk cinta yang mereka jalin…

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Creo en mi corazòn.

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Creo en mi corazón, ramo de rosas
que mi Señor como una fronda agita
perfumando de amor toda la vida
y haciéndola bendita.

Creo en mi corazón, el que no pide
nada porque es capaz del sumo ensueño
y abraza en el ensueño lo creado:
inmenso dueño!

Creo en mi corazón, que cuando canta
hunde en el Dios profundo el franco herido,

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Funny Sign!

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Funny sign I saw yesterday. . . if the shoe fits!

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Factores de riesgo de demencia senil

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La hipertensión arterial y la diabetes mellitus, además de ser enfermedades crónicas y degenerativas que por sí mismas representan un serio problema de salud, pueden causar demencia senil en adultos mayores.

Esta pérdida progresiva de funciones cognitivas, es decir los recuerdos recientes, se debe a los efectos de la ateroesclerosis que producen dichos padecimientos en los vasos del cerebro.

Por ejemplo, extraviar las llaves con frecuencia, no recordar lo que se hizo el día anterior, olvidar el nombre de los parientes cercanos; además de tener poco interés por el aseo personal, son algunos de los signos de alarma que los familiares pueden notar en el adulto mayor como un indicativo de que inicia o se está desarrollando demencia senil.

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Fortalecendo a oração.

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Antes de ler esse post, te faço um convite: Ore. Por favor, irmão(ã), ore.

O que tenho para compartilhar com vocês, é que logo que me converti eu tinha uma dificuldade muito grande quando o assunto era oração. Até lia alguns livros pra me ajudar, pedia para que orassem por mim… enfim, a oração definitivamente não era o meu melhor. Há algumas semanas comecei uma listinha de oração chamada…

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Favelas: realidad, ficción y mentes calenturientas

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La primera vez que un occidental pone los pies en un favela experimenta, por regla general, una mezcla de sensaciones difícil de explicar. Los olores, las texturas, los sonidos de la favela parecen magnificarse bajo el calor del trópico y la mente, muchas veces “calenturienta”, del turista curioso. Intoxicado por miles de ideas preconcebidas “made in Hollywood”, el extranjero se adentra en las comunidades con el morbo de corroborar con sus sentidos lo que su imaginación le dice que es la favela.

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Ted and Raymond Adventures

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These will be books your children will not forget. 

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As 10 coisas

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Qualquer dica sempre começa com “as 10 frases…”, “as 5 coisas…” Vou lançar uma: 5 coisas que devemos saber para uma vida corporativa saudável.

Segue dicas:

1- Se vc foi o ultimo a entender a gravidade de um assunto, disfarce e finja que nao se abalou antes pq estava com tudo ‘no controle’;

2- O que é dificil para vc, pode ser bem fácil até para o seu estagiário, não subestime o ser humano ao seu lado;

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Assassinato de reputação: Erenice Guerra foi inocentada. Com a palavra a Folha e a Veja.

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Altamiro Borges em seu blog

Numa notinha de 2.158 toques, a Folha noticia hoje que a ex-ministra Erenice Guerra foi inocentada no inquérito que apurou seu envolvimento num suposto esquema de tráfico da influência na Casa Civil. O caso foi arquivado pela Justiça Federal por absoluta falta de provas e a sentença do juiz Vallisney de Souza Oliveira teve o apoio do Ministério Público e a PF, que acompanharam o processo aberto há um ano e sete meses.

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Na próxima sexta-feira: 2º Encontro de Blogueir@s, Redes Sociais e Cultura Digital do Paraná #2ParanáBlogs

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2º Encontro de Blogueir@s, Redes Sociais e Cultura Digital do Paraná #2ParanáBlogs ocorrerá com as pessoas que defendem a Democracia, a Liberdade de Expressão, a Regulamentação das Mídias, o Marco Civil na Internet e a Democratização da Cultura e dos Meios de Comunicação no Paraná e no Brasil.

Você é tuiteiro, facebuqueiro, blogueiro, jornalista, bacharel em Direito, estudante, militante ou interessado nos temas?

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Jane: Moonstone

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Hess, Panka, Hesse

From their album Sign No. 9 (1979).

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Take A Right At The Left Eyebrow…

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…then follow the NoseFold® all the way down to the cheek powche. Another left at the cheek powche, that’s where you feed me.

Incredible Dog Photos by Tim Flach, sent to us by Vajda B.

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O que você vê?

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Para FHC, brasileiro não pode estudar no exterior

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Curtam a página: www.facebook.com/porraserra1

Em artigo, ex-presidente condena a concessão de 100 mil bolsas ao exterior a estudantes brasileiros, num programa que é um dos xodós da presidente Dilma: “uma profusão de bolsas, um menoscabo da capacidade universitária já instalada e o envio ao exterior de muitos que nem sequer conhecem bem a língua do país onde vão estudar”; programa é usado como exemplo da profusão de “projetos grandiosos” e “discursos grandiloquentes”

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Mousse De Gelatina

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Uma receita molezina e uma super dica de sobremesa para o meio da semana! Você só vai precisar de gelatina, água e iogurte desnatado, mais fácil impossível hein?

Faça sua gelatina de acordo com as instruções da embalagem (pra cada saquinho 250 ml de água quente e 250ml de água fria), eu fiz de morango! Coloque a gelatina num refratário e leve para a geladeira, deixe endurecer.

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Quando eu falei da Bruschetta aqui no blog eu mencionei o Tapenade, uma espécie de molho de azeitona, ou pasta, tem uma textura bem característica, tem que comer pra ver! Serve como cobertura da Bruschetta, ou com uma torradinha mais dura, eu fiz  o Tapenade também no dia que fiz o Bacalhau Espirituoso, pra comer junto e ficou delicioso! A receita é molezinha, anota aí:

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O outro lado do “Fora Feliciano”

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 Vinicius Wu (*)

Há algo de novo na cena política nacional. A mobilização pela saída do deputado Marcos Feliciano da Presidência da Comissão de Direitos Humanos da Câmara Federal é um movimento sem centro político, sem lideranças, foi disseminado rapidamente, em especial, através das redes sociais. É possível concluir que, de fato, estamos diante de um novo tipo de ativismo. Mas não é apenas isso.

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PT debate 10 anos de governo e conjuntura política

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Em mais uma plenária de análise e discussões sobre os 10 anos de governos progressistas  no Brasil – liderados pelo ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva e pela presidenta Dilma Rousseff – o Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) reuniu neste sábado (6) dezenas de militantes na sede nacional da legenda em São Paulo.

Por Mariana Viel, da Redação do Vermelho

O evento – organizado pela tendência Esquerda Popular Socialista (EPS) – reuniu dirigentes nacionais, lideranças dos movimentos sociais e representantes de 17 estados brasileiros e tratou questões da conjuntura política no país e no mundo.

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Camera Otaku

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E ai pessoal,
Trazendo aqui um aplicativo que os otakus vão adorar, então vamos la!!

Quem nunca quis virar um mangá? Bom, esse aplicativo permite a vocês isso, basta você tirar uma foto, escolher um Frame e aplicar a sua foto, você pode colocar seu rosto em um cartaz de One Piece, pode tirar foto soltando o Kame Hame Ha e pode até montar em cima da nuvem voadora, isso vai da imaginação de cada um.

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Sem título

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Untitled by J a n . B i s h o p.
Untitled, a photo by J a n . B i s h o p. on Flickr.