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White bleeding heart by LEE INHWAN


White bleeding heart by LEE INHWAN


LEE INHWAN: Photos · Blog 


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Game Of Shadows by * Regina *


Game Of Shadows by * Regina *


* Regina * : Photos · Blog 


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Breaking Through by Michael Woloszynowicz


Breaking Through by Michael Woloszynowicz

Shot on Botany Bay Road, Edisto Island, SC. Manual blending of two exposures, +1ev and -1ev. You can watch my video tutorial on manual exposure blending to give you an idea of how to blend without traditional HDR tools. If you like my photos you can also follow me here: Facebook page My YouTube Tutorials Twitter Page Thank you everyone for your likes and comments. There are simply too many for me to respond to individually but I read them all.

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Radboud castle by Iván Maigua


Radboud castle by Iván Maigua


Iván Maigua: Photos · Blog 


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Winter in the Ore mountains by Daniel Řeřicha


Winter in the Ore mountains by Daniel Řeřicha

Photos from the winter of the Ore mountains.www.danielrericha.cz

Daniel Řeřicha: Photos · Blog 


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Autumn forest 5 by Daniel Řeřicha


Autumn forest 5 by Daniel Řeřicha

Autumn in the Ore mountainswww.danielrericha.cz

Daniel Řeřicha: Photos · Blog 


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Katya … by Paladyan Konstantin


Katya … by Paladyan Konstantin


Paladyan Konstantin : Photos · Blog 


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Satpara Dam2.. by Atif Saeed


Satpara Dam2.. by Atif Saeed

Skardu, Pakistan.

Atif Saeed: Photos · Blog 


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serene childhood by Alexander Pavlov


serene childhood by Alexander Pavlov

sunset at sea, the children

Alexander Pavlov: Photos · Blog 


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Enjoying the sun by Edwin Leung


Enjoying the sun by Edwin Leung

a little girl enjoyed playing in the sun.

Edwin Leung: Photos · Blog 


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Brink of Extinction by Ashley Vincent


Brink of Extinction by Ashley Vincent

Many thanks for your expressions of appreciation on “I’ll Be Black!”, very much appreciated! Having now returned from the subzero temperatures in the UK straight back into the sweltering heat of Thailand’s hottest time of year, and having begun developing some of the images I came back with, this is the first picture I’m happy to share with you. The subject is an absolutely magnificent Barbary Lion (aka Atlas Lion aka Nubian Lion), that my good friend and fellow wildlife photographer Sue Demetriou introduced me to at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent – many thanks again Sue for sharing your time and wonderful sense of humour with me :^) Aside from Sue’s excellent company, another high point of this trip was the opportunity to observe and photograph nine different species/subspecies of felines for the first time, and as beautiful and impressive as all those were, the one that completely took my breath away was this male Barbary Lion. Though I had heard of the Barbary Lion of Northern Africa, I have to admit that I only read up on them after returning home, and the first thing I discovered saddened me greatly. I have had the privilege of working with quite a few vulnerable (VU), endangered (EN), and even critically endangered (CR) animal species, but the Barbary Lion is the first I’ve come across that is in fact completely extinct in the wild (EW); the last one shot and killed in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in 1922. I’m sure if I had known this before, I would have made Sue stand around outside of his enclosure a great deal longer than we did. More to follow. For now, thanks for taking an interest and wishing you all a great weekend ahead! Website | Fine Art America | Facebook

Ashley Vincent: Photos · Blog 


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Crop Circles by Aaron J. Groen


Crop Circles by Aaron J. Groen

118 minutes of Earth rotation over a tractor in Southeastern South Dakota. www.facebook.com/HomeGroenPhotography 285 X 25second f/2.8 800iso and one light painted exposure for the foreground

Aaron J. Groen: Photos · Blog 


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Isola bella di Taormina by Clickalps .com


Isola bella di Taormina by Clickalps .com

© Nino Dattola 4th place in the ClickAlps weekly photo contest @ Clickalps FB group Week #12 (18mar-24mar) You’re welcome to join us!

Clickalps .com: Photos · Blog 


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The Sun after Heartbreak by Abhishek Patel


The Sun after Heartbreak by Abhishek Patel

The Dark side. Filter used – B+W #110 10stop ND- Singh Ray 3stop Reverse GND

Abhishek Patel: Photos · Blog 


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Eugenia by Sean Archer


Eugenia by Sean Archer


Sean Archer: Photos · Blog 


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Walk Together by Suradej Chuephanich


Walk Together by Suradej Chuephanich

Chalk-writing with couple rings 🙂

Suradej Chuephanich: Photos · Blog 


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Butterfly Splendor by Aric Jaye


Butterfly Splendor by Aric Jaye

butterfly splendor

Aric Jaye: Photos · Blog 


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water lily by james cory


water lily by james cory

water lily수련

james cory: Photos · Blog 


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Cloud by nao sakaki


Cloud by nao sakaki


nao sakaki: Photos · Blog 


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Frozen Dunes by Michael Elkan


Frozen Dunes by Michael Elkan

Winter dawn on the volcanic black sand spit at Stokksnes near Höfn, Iceland.

Michael Elkan: Photos · Blog 


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Un giorno da farfalla by Ivan Bertusi


Un giorno da farfalla by Ivan Bertusi

Lo spettacolo della natura.

Ivan Bertusi: Photos · Blog 


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Stairway to Heaven by Roberto Sysa Moiola


Stairway to Heaven by Roberto Sysa Moiola

© Roberto Sysa Moiola Clickalps Official Photographer FOLLOW ME on #twitter# LIKE MY PAGE on @Facebook@ Piz Bernina (4,049 m (13,284 ft)) is the highest mountain of the Eastern Alps and the highest point of the Bernina Range.This mountain is located between St.Moritz, one of the best known resorts in the Swiss Alps, and Valmalenco, one of most beautiful italian alpine valleys.Piz Bernina is one of the few isolated four-thousanders in the Alps, it is the culminating point of a group of summits slightly lower than 4,000 m, as for example Piz Scerscen, Piz Zupò and Piz Palü.In this aereal shot we can see the famous Biancograt, the famous Swiss snow ridge leading to the summit of Piz Bernina, called Stairway to Heaven and the dream of any mountaineers.

Roberto Sysa Moiola: Photos · Blog